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Sim Number detail by trickindustry| Sim Card Number details

Sim Number detail by trickindustry| Sim Card Number details:

Sim detail____ Get online Information About your SIM:

Do you take interest to get online information about your sim? And the information include name, home, adress, locality and further information of the SIM card holder. We presents the fantastic tool for scanning sim holder. You can get substantial information via online and through mobile phone application from these tools. For instant, zong, jazz/warid, telenor and ufone Sims are obtainable for detail.

Scan Online Sim holder Detail Method:

Pakistan Tele-communication Authority Sim detail procedure obtains up ultra-modern determination in this concern. There are fundamentally two routes to scan your CNIC as to know about active Sims. Sim detail may be analyzed in first strategy, yet the second one is about through sms. Get more detail regarding sim and shortcodes.

The interval of any time PTA assists mobile Sims companies to put through products and to enlarge. The marketing of these illustrative cards was not limited. There looks to be not final date of whom bought them because of this enormous number of lawlessness. Discover whatsoever location of sim number along the direct operative device.

PTA permitted each purchaser of SIM card for membership the similar domestic registration documents. Just 5 SIM cards are allowed on their name. The lawlessness activity minimized.

This guides to serious activity on the bit of concerning ones and to a settlement in the year of 2013.

Authentication of SIM (bio metric) system was launched and buyer charges were detain.

Detect virtual Phone Number:

Scan Virtual PTA Sim Detail format:

To scan your sim detail online, unbolt a search engine and adhere the following steps: •At first proceed to the official portal “”.

• Dial your CNIC 13 digits number.

•Within a second, your sim detail will appear in tabular layout.

• The horizontal layout will hold your active sims detail



Acquire Phone Sim card holder detail along his/her Name:

You can adopt a few elementary measures to acquire sim holder information virtual at Pakistan. Whether you are not assured regarding your sim verification and you wish to register the sim holder name and further detail. Particularly, while sim verification of operate by an oversea plan for entire those persons who bought sims throughout 2005 to 2010 and the utilization of telephone and mobile servers of particular time span were not once the holders of the operate.

Browse PTA Sim Detail method through SMS:

-To scan your sim detail by sms, adopt the ensuing tips carefully.

-Unfold your inbox of text messages.

– Dial your CNIC 13 digits number in this bar free from dashes.

-Send this text to the 668 USSD code.

– You will get an alert of SMS containing active sim details that are registered by your CNIC number.

Whereby to scan Authentication status (sim details) regarding your sim card?

To obtain detail regarding your sim card press *336# a data will display and press 1. You will get authentication status about the number. Buyers may as well dispatch CNIC by sms towards 786 through a basic validate number and take back. Status of number in distinction to CNIC and the verified rankings would be stated.

For purpose to scan the holder of prepaid offers and yet the payments of sim, PTA has launched several methods:

• One perspective is to search the portal online.

• Code exposes the dormant to whole networks to service suppliers.

• It is feasible to obtain the name via equally network of sim card porter.

Pakistani administrative announces that wether servers consider themselves criminals, unless bio-metric look overs. It is vital with respect to visitorsr to buy or vend Sims. Whether anybody misconducts SIM cards through whatsoever network or carry out unlawful actions, PTA shall justification as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Sim detail along Bio-metric confirmation at Pakistan:

PTA affirms protection and averts your SIM by certification opposed to inaccurate certificates. Pursue the ensuing easy seven strategies stated by PTA to scan sim detail mode.

*Even handed visit the authentication testing mode in distribution to your sim undertakings and turn on a marketing emporium.

* Seek out the sim/Wireless Local Loop link cookies policies appeared on the advertising Chennel or emporium.

* Approved domestic ID approved CNIC advertising representative number promulgated.

*To scan by NADRA propose your finger/thumb print toward the bio-metric verification system scanning device.

* You correspond to the privacy policies for purchasing sim/Wireless Local Loop link by providing you to your finger/thumb print.

*SIM/Wireless Local Loop address have to be authorized and proceed to you in order to achieve optimum verification.

*Marketing representative must declare mission and give additional suggestions in order to achieve failed verification.

Mobile Number SIM holder Detail:

Our optimum phone network operating device was provided to Pakistan. To type honor name, locality, region and address of phone number at Pakistan with respect to whatsoever province you should dial a mobile number having 10 digits in browsing box over this muster.

In your mobile code you might not unless dial 0 or 0. The conclusion of mobile number observing are gathered. At Pakistan mobile data processing, you may come by information for whatsoever SIM cards networks. You may smoothly get information regarding sim while you dial your mobile number in browsing box.

Networks: Process to Scan SIM detail:
Warid Dispatch your CNIC by sms to 789 and you will obtain a text having your Sim details.
Jazz To scan Mobilink confirmation status through dispatching CNIC by sms and send to 6001.
Zong To scan zong Sim holder registered individual dispatch sms v on 7911.
Ufone Press *336# USSD code and display will show and press 1 in box and a message will get comprising detail of your mobile number.
Telenor Through telenor network, dispatch an empty message to 7751 and to discover the nearby telenor franchise/distributor, locality empty message to 7750.

Sim holder name and further details by sms via dispatching code:

Jazz network:

Dispatch empty sms to code 668.

Warid network:

Dispatch empty sms to code 668.

Zong network:

Dispatch empty sms to code 668.

Ufone network:

Dispatch empty sms to code 668.

Telenor network:

Dispatch empty sms to code 668.

Scan registered SIMs by your CNIC:

Entire codes of network are the similar to scan sim detail and you requisite to dispatch blank SMS to 668. Later, you will obtain an SMS like a response through the service comprising final details regarding your sims. Detect phone number along sim operating device.

The way of approaching sim code detail registered through your CNIC is distributed via PTA. At below the procedure is whole the networks stroll.

What number of Sims could be registered by your CNIC?

By your name you may have option to register your CNIC along various sims. PTA permits at least 5 number of Sims connections at the same time.

How many number of Sims, I can operate by my CNIC?

Enter *336# USSD code, a layout will display later press 1. You will acquire authentication status about your number. You may dispatch sms by entering your CNIC to 789 by initial validate number. Later, you will get comprehensive information of number opposed to someone CNIC along authentication status.

By which method someone can get detail about mobile number holder?

-Unbolt search engine and press

– Browse navbar and move towards Mobiles> Application.

– Enter the appropriate detail in form.

– Touch on enter key and you will able to get SIM holder name.

By which method someone can scan own registered Sims?

•Press *16001#.

•At present dial last four digits to your CNIC.

• In response you will get detail about your registered Sims.



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